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What we offer

An Excellent Product Line

At BookWormBiz, we aim to offer some of the best electronic products available online! As a set of initial offerings, we have converted works from some of the best known authors of all time, authors that include Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde and more! We have offer for sale the King James Version of the Holy Bible! But beyond these famous works BookWormBiz is also the place where contemporary authors can offer their premium works for sale, making BookWormBiz a new and exciting entrant into the growing world of social media! While other social media venues concentrate on small communications such as short texts, pictures and videos, BookWormBiz focuses on the premium works of our members, allowing members to also earn money on their valuable contributions!

A Cause Worth Working For

Our central goal is to work toward the funding of ECOFusion, a new power source for mankind. ECOFusion was invented by our founder Dr. Delbert Larson, who began BookWormBiz in an attempt to raise enough money to fund ECOFusion. ECOFusion promises a clean, safe and inexhaustible source of power and it produces no greenhouse gases, it does not directly produce any long lived nuclear waste, it is not susceptible to nuclear accidents, and it cannot lead to the production of fission bombs. Click here for more information. By growing your own BookWormBiz business, you will also help fund ECOFusion!

A Superior Work-From-Home Opportunity

Some members may wish to join BookWormBiz strictly for our excellent products. But for those who wish to do more, BookWormBiz offers them a fantastic work-from-home opportunity! Any member may choose to offer their own quality electronic goods for sale at BookWormBiz. And for each final sale, an author will receive a royalty. But the opportunity doesn't stop there! Members can also become Distributors by making and recording a single sale! Once a member becomes a Distributor, they can choose to recruit others and earn commissions on their own sales and on sales of those they recruit, down to six levels deep! And for those members who do choose to run a business, we assist with tools that help them run their business as a business - not a hobby. By running your business as a business our members are primed for success, and they may also qualify for valuable deductions at tax time!

A Few of Our Products


    Selected Works of

    Charles Dickens

    Selected Works of

    Jane Austen

    Selected Works of

    Mark Twain

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The best place to get more information about BookWormBiz is from a BookWormBiz Independent Distributor. Network Marketing works best by members sharing knowledge and opportunity with others, and hence the best way to learn more is from one of our distributors! Your BookWormBiz Independent Distributor has full access to our members-only pages and members-only sales tools as well as access to sponsors in their upline. With such resources at their fingertips, your BookWormBiz Independent Distributor should be able to provide answers to any questions you may have!

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